Monday, November 5, 2012

Fun in the kitchen... even when the recipe flops!

So I had grand plans for baking tonight. We were going to make yummy muffins, make a huge mess and have a fun in the kitchen.  We accomplished two out of three goals. We had a blast and made a HUGE mess but the muffins were a complete flop. Even after almost an hour in the oven they were still soupy.  Not quite sure what I did wrong... however I thought I would still share photos of how my daughter helped me every step of the way.

First we needed chopped apples and I am so excited about my new food processor that I decided to use it to chop the apples. (this may be were the recipe went awry because they turned out more like apple puree..) My daughter is fascinated by the food processor.  After making sure it is unplugged I let her put the apples in the bowl (what toddler doesn't love transferring objects from one place to another?) Since the machine isn't too loud she also loves pressing the button and watching everything whirl around!

Then we measured out all the dry ingredients and put them in a bowl. She likes to know about all the ingredients and must touch each of them before dumping them in the bowl!

She tells me that hand mixing is the best technique and the messiest!

Then we dumped in all the wet ingredients. This is the maple syrup going in. Somehow she managed to keep it all in the bowl!

The whisk seems to be the easiest tool for her to use when mixing wet ingredients.  The spoon is still a little too hard to get around and usually ends up flinging batter around instead of mixing.  She of course wanted to use the spoon...

Next time I may let her use a small measuring cup to help me fill the muffin tins.  

These smelled so good but unfortunately they just didn't bake well.  We had a great time making them and left me with a sink full of dishes!

What is your favorite thing to make with your little one?

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