Monday, October 22, 2012

Menu Planning Week 4 - Searching for Inspiration

Before I get to this week's meal plan I have to say that last week's birthday celebration was epic! My daughter and I had a blast baking a green cake for daddy's birthday. I promised photos so here they are. You can't really tell but the inside of the cake was green too!

Then my husband and I got to go away for a night. We went to the movies, slept in, went shopping... it was a blast and much needed! We came home to a very happy girl who had a great time with her Nanny (my mother-in-law) and then we were off to a cousin's first birthday party! I ended up not cooking all weekend and actually loved the break.

When I sat down to menu plan yesterday I felt like I had "menu-planning" block. Even after looking at all the amazing link ups I still couldn't think of a single thing I wanted to make! Does this ever happen to you??

After spending too much time searching the Internet and looking through recipe books I came up with a plan and did the grocery shopping for the week.  Of course today I woke up full of inspiration so next week's plan will be easier!!

link up here

Mondaycreamy penne pasta bake with zucchini

Tuesday - leftovers (or pork chops)

Wednesday - Pasta Bolognese (double batch so I can take a meal to a friend)

Thursday - pork chops

Friday - Slow Cooker Chicken Tikka Masala (with non-dairy substitutes)

Saturday - leftovers

Sunday - Pork Roast

That is the plan.  Several new recipes I am excited to try out.

Also, I received a food processor for my birthday. I am so excited but can't decide what to make first!! 

What is your favorite thing to make with a food processor??

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  1. I love the collage! So glad you had such a fun birthday celebration and getaway. And yes, I definitely have those weeks when I can't find anything I feel like making. Looks like you found some good stuff!